What is PIAI and how do I get access?

PIAI is an acronym that stands for Principal Investigator Award Interface. It is a “view only” grant database. When a faculty member receives a grant award, Sponsored Projects Services sets up a Research Foundation (RF) grant account in PIAI. The PI can search the database for information such as but not limited to: award amount; purchase charged against the account; expenditures and salary information.

The following link provides you with a list of specific grant information you can view using PIAI

NOTE: Viewing information in PIAI requires password protected approved access. The link to the Access Request form is provided below:

There are areas of the PIAI system where navigation is not obvious. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you review the PI Award Interface – Overview before attempting to sign-on.

In addition to the above overview, you may also contact the RAS office to set up a meeting with Traci Jackson to view the system first hand.

Your use of the RF PIAI or Quick View (PIAI at a glance) application is acknowledgement that you will safeguard the information and system assets assigned to you, and prevent unauthorized use of the RF Business Applications, PIAI, and Quick View.