Proposal Preparation

One of our primary functions is to provide assistance to SPHHP faculty in preparing and submitting grant and contract proposals.

We will:

  • Email monthly requests for proposals
  • Meet in person to discuss proposal process
  • Propose a timeline to serve as a basis for the completion of all proposal-related tasks
  • Develop project budgets and budget justifications
  • Coordinate the collection of proposal-related materials including those from any collaborative institutions
  • Prepare required internal and external administrative forms
  • Proofread for grammar and readability
  • Format documents (e.g., turn CVs into NIH Biosketches)
  • Prepare electronically-submitted documents (e.g., for, we format and upload all documents into the WorkSpace)
  • Initiate CLICK electronic approval form

Public Comment: Effective January 29, 2018. For proposals submitted or due, or awards made, on or after January 28, 2019, the guidelines in PAPPG NSF 19-1 apply.