Proposal Routing and Submission

Before a grant proposal can be submitted to the sponsoring agency, it must be reviewed and approved by a number of individuals.  The process of obtaining these approvals is referred to as "routing" the proposal — this is accomplished via the Electronic Sponsored Program Approval System (ESPAS).

How the ESPAS System Works

The preparer enters proposal information into the ESPAS system and submits or approves the "form," thereby sending it forward for the next level of approval. ESPAS routing can be initiated by RAS office or by the Principal Investigator.

When initiated by RAS office, the Principal Investigator will receive an email from ovpr.sponsored_programs_approval with the Subject, "Electronic Sponsored Program Approval System (ESPAS) Notice." The body of this email message will read:

Pamela Sturtz has completed proposal, <NAME OF PROPOSAL>."

"Please login to CLICK to create and review this submission."

The PI should click on the link in the email message, sign in to the ESPAS system (using his/her UBIT name and password), and review the routing form by clicking on each module and reviewing the information contained therein.

Once the PI is satisfied that everything is in order, s/he will return to the "home" page for the routing sheet and click the approval button. This will send the approval form simultaneously to all of the co-investigators listed on the routing form.

As each co-investigator reviews and approves the routing form, each corresponding department chair will receive an ESPAS notice similar to the one described above.

Once all co-investigators and all department chairs have reviewed and approved the submission, the routing form will be sent to SPHHP Associate Dean R. Lorraine Collins (as well as other deans, if any co-investigators are from outside of SPHHP).

Once the submission is reviewed and approved by the Dean(s), ESPAS forwards the routing form to Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) for final review and approval. Once approved by SPS, institutional signatures on application face pages, cover letters, letters of intent to enter into a contract, etc. will be signed by SPS staff.

At any time during the routing process, the PI may log into the ESPAS system and check the status of the submission.

If a PI wishes to initiate ESPAS routing, Log into CLICK.