Online Teaching

This Online Education Course Design Recommendations guide is available for download to aid faculty in delivering high-quality online courses.

Online Education Course Design Recommendations

Utilize the guide below for information on increasing the accessibility of your course content, tips on moving seated courses to online formats, and a recommended style guide to set up an online course and use UBlearns for online content.

What's in the guide

  • Getting Started with Online Teaching
  • UB Supported Software for Online Courses
  • Moving a Seated Course to an Online Format
  • Weekly Activities in Online Courses
  • Learning Management Software – UBlearns
    • How to set up the course menu, home page, syllabus & instructions, weekly activities, weekly content folders, and additional course content
    • Year over year date management
    • Available resources for UBlearns
  • Course Components
    • Lecture Video Length
    • Recording Video Lectures
    • Video Lecture Analytics
    • Readings
    • Additional Videos or Podcasts
    • Assignments & Activities
  • Document Accessibility
    • Quickest/Easiest Steps to Make a Document More Accessible

Online Course Syllabi Templates

Use the instructional template below to guide your development of a syllabus for courses delivered online, or in a hybrid format (a mix of online and seated activities).

Dowload the blank template to create your online or hybrid course syllabus.