Kim S. Griswold, MD, MPH

Research Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Contact Information

Phone: 716-898-5558
Fax: 716-898-3536

Faculty Links

Research Interests: family medicine and psychiatry

Selected Publications

  • Griswold KS, Zayas LE, Pastore PA, Smith SJ, Wagner CM, Servoss TJ. Primary Care after Psychiatric Crisis: A Qualitative Analysis. Annals of Family Medicine.
    Accepted for Publication June 2007.
  • Roman JS, Griswold KS, Smith SJ, Servoss TJ. An Examination of Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Perceptions of Patients with Serious Mental Illness. Journal of
    Cultural Diversity. In press June 2008.
  • Griswold KS, Aronoff H, Kahn LS, Kernan JB. Adolescent Substance Use: Recognition and Management. American Family Physician. Accepted for Publication June 2007.
  • Griswold K, Zayas LE, Kernan JB, Wagner CM. Cultural Awareness through medical student and refugee patient encounters. J Immigrant Health. Jan 2007; 9(1):55-60.
  • Griswold KS, Greene B, Smith S, Behrens T, Blondell R. Linkage to Primary Medical Care Following Inpatient Detoxification. Am J Addict. 2007; 16(3):183-186.
  • Griswold K, Kernan JB, Servoss TJ, Saad FG, Wagner CM, Zayas LE. Refugees and medical student training: results of a programme in primary care. Med Educ. Jul 2006; 40(7):697-703.
  • Griswold KS, et al. Connections to primary medical care after psychiatric crisis. J Am Board Fam Pract. 2005; 18(3): p. 166-72.
  • Griswold KS. Refugee health and medical student training. Fam Med. 2003; 35(9):649-54.
  • Kernan JB, Griswold KS, Wagner CM. Seriously emotionally disturbed youth: a needs assessment. Community Ment Health J. 2003; 39(6):475-86.
  • Griswold KS, Pessar LF. Managing the Bipolar Patient and Family in the Office Setting. American Family Physician. 62:2000; 1343-53;1357-8.

revised: 2008.03.11