Health Services Administration MPH

Learn how to assess population health needs, formulate policies and interventions, and assure the effective­ness of community programs and services.

Through our program, you will integrate an understanding of public health program planning, evaluation and health policy with concepts in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health and health behavior.

Career Opportunities

As a public health administrator, you will be involved with program planning, implementation, participation, evaluation, collaborations and partner­ships, policy development, and public and professional communication.

You will be prepared to work in a variety of fields, including:

  • All branches and levels of government
  • Health care organizations, hospitals, health maintenance organizations and industrial medical care offices
  • Nonprofit organizations such as the American Heart Association
  • Public health advocacy and other community-based organizations

Combined Degree Programs

MPH and Professional Degrees

We offer combined degree programs— MPH/JD, MPH/MBA, MPH/MSW, MPH/MD and MPH/PharmD—where you can earn two degrees in less time and fewer credits than each degree individually. These programs allow you to integrate a prevention- and population-focused approach to health with your respective legal, business, social work, medical or pharmaceutical education.

BS/MPH Program with the College at Brockport

For College at Brockport students, we have a collaborative BS/MPH program with the college which allows qualified students to complete the equivalent of three years of undergraduate study at Brockport and complete two years of graduate study at UB to earn both degrees.

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