You will want to schedule your field training after you have completed the majority of the required coursework—this is typically after the second semester. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for and coordinate your training—at least two months prior to your anticipated start date would be ideal.

The 3 credit field training requires a total of 120 on-site hours. You will determine your time schedule at a site in consultation with your site advisor. It can be completed in fall, spring, or summer semesters. You can do an additional 3 credits of field training as an elective.

Work with Your Faculty Advisor

When you enter the MPH program, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist in planning a program that meets your educational goal. The advisor will also assist you in selecting a faculty member to supervise your field training experience.

Another key person throughout your field training will be the site advisor, the person who will provide on-site supervision and support throughout your training.

Note to International Students on F-1 Visas

You must obtain authorization through International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) to complete the field training component of the MPH program. Ask your advisor to submit a recommendation letter to ISSS to apply for this authorization immediately after your field training site location has been finalized.

> View sample academic advisor recommendation letter

Choose a Field Site Location

To determine an appropriate location, review the list of UB-affiliated organizations that host students for field training and then schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor can provide input about various sites and make a recommendation based on your interests and background.

If you are a public health professional with relevant prior experience, you can request a field training waiver.

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Non-affiliated Sites

It is possible to complete your field training at a location that is not affiliated with UB; however, only after consultation with and approval from your faculty advisor.

All of the field training guidelines, procedures and paperwork would still apply at a non-affiliated site. You would also need to remain in close contact with your faculty advisor throughout the experience.

View a list of non-affiliated field training site opportunities.

Current Place of Employment

You may complete your field training at your current place of employment, although the experience must extend beyond your regular work duties and provide an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the academic portion of the MPH program.