Once you and your faculty advisor have agreed on a field training location, contact Bob Furlani, assistant director, MPH training, at to review your decision. Furlani will work with you to contact the site to seek permission to conduct your field training there.

After receiving permission from the site, identify a site advisor who will provide on-site supervision and support throughout your training. You will also need to arrange a meeting between yourself and your site advisor to confirm all of the training details. This is also a good time to follow up with the MPH training coordinator to confirm your field training site location.

Next, complete Form 1, Confirmation of Field Training, which outlines your field training process and provides a basis for your site advisor’s evaluation of you and your evaluation of the field training experience. If your field training extends beyond one semester, you will need to complete Form 1 for each semester.

If required by your training site, now is the time to complete any HIPAA or infection-control training. This training must be completed before you begin your field experience.

Finally, register for the field training experience credits by choosing the course/field training section assigned to your faculty advisor (indicated by your advisor’s initials). You need to register for the semester in which you will complete the training. For example, if you plan to conduct field training in the summer, then you must register for one of the summer semester sessions. You cannot register for field training credit in one semester and complete it in another.

Students in dual degree programs

Students in dual degree programs who are completing field training for the MPH degree through another department, such as medicine or social work, should register for field training through your MPH department for 0 credits.

In addition, students should complete field training forms 1 – 4, the time record, and the final report through the digital field training forms system. This will ensure you meet the field experience requirement for the MPH degree.