After you have registered for your training and completed Form 1, Confirmation of Field Training within the first two weeks of the semester, you should have a clear outline of what is expected of you, as well as your expectations of the experience. 

To ensure that these expectations and program requirements are met, complete the following documentation throughout your training. All required forms and time record can be accessed through the digital field training forms system

Forms to Complete Each Day of Your Field Training

Time Record
Record the hours you work and what you accomplish on a time record form. Have your site advisor review and sign your time record.

We recommend that you maintain a daily journal to identify, record and elaborate on occasions, events and opportunities encountered during the field training relevant to the competencies. You will find that keeping a journal is a great help in writing your field training report.

Form to Complete Early in Your Field Training

During the initial phase of your field training, complete Form 2, Early Review of Field Training, which documents your progress to date and any changes in the original plan. This should occur at approximately three to four weeks into a 12-week placement, or during the second week of a six-week placement.

Forms and Report to Complete at the End of Your Field Training

At the end of your field training, you have two forms to complete plus your report which documents what you have learned from your experience.

You need to fill in the first three lines of Form 3, Field Site Mentor’s Evaluation of the Field Training, and then provide this form to your field site advisor to complete. Once your site advisor has completed and signed the evaluation, you and your faculty advisor will also sign.

For your evaluation of the experience, complete Form 4, Student Evaluation of Field Training.

Field Training Report
For your final requirement, write a field training report which addresses the items outlined below. Provide copies of the report to your faculty advisor and your site advisor.

  • Describe the organizational unit where the field training took place; its relationship to the overall organizational structure of the agency and the services provided; program and public health objectives; and specific population groups targeted.
  • Describe the vision, mission and core values of the organization.
  • Describe the legal authority and ethical basis of the organization.
  • Describe your duties, including those related to any projects and in the context of the entire organization. Describe any projects in which you were involved, including, for example, the issues and problems, the methods used to define and address the problems, and your recommendations. Copies of relevant materials developed during the field training should be attached, if appropriate, such as literature reviews or products developed.
  • Provide examples of collaboration with diverse communities and constituencies (for example, individual clients, practitioners, agencies, community organizations, researchers, etc.).
  • Provide examples of knowledge and skills learned, and include any experiences that improved your ability to engage in culturally appropriate ways with diverse communities and contribute to the empowerment of those communities.
  • Describe how competencies specific to your concentration were addressed.

When Your Field Training is Completed throughout Two Semesters

When you complete your field training at the same site throughout two semesters, the following procedures apply:

  • Form 1, Confirmation of Field Training is needed each semester
  • Form 2, Early Review of Field Training is needed the first semester only
  • Form 3, Field Site Mentor’s Evaluation of the Field Training is needed each semester
  • Form 4, Student Evaluation of Field Training is needed he last semester only
  • The time record form should be completed each semester
  • A field training report should be submitted at the end of each semester


Based on meetings with you and your site advisor and field training documentation, including evaluations, your faculty advisor will assign a grade of satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U).

Importance of Confidentiality

Throughout your field training, and especially when you are completing forms and reports, you need to be mindful of the confidential information—including patients’ personal or protected health information (PHI)—that you have access to at your field training site. Whenever discussing or documenting your field training, ‘de-identify’ or remove all elements that could be used to identify an individual. Learn more about confidentiality and PHI as outlined in the contract with all affiliated field training sites.