Qualifying Exams

To be admitted to candidacy for the PhD degree, you must pass three qualifying exams— two written and one oral.

The written exams are called Part I Qualifiers and test your knowledge of applied and theoretical topics. The applied exam covers the topics taught in STA 641 and STA 642, while the theoretical exam covers STA 621 and STA 622. You are allowed a maximum of two attempts to pass each exam.

After you pass both Part I Qualifiers, you may take the oral exam, called the Part II Qualifier. This is an oral defense of your proposed dissertation project. You must submit the dissertation proposal in writing to members of your supervisory committee at least two weeks prior to the oral exam. The exam is conducted by your supervisory committee, but may be attended by any member of the faculty. Immediately after the exam, the supervisory committee will evaluate your performance.

Upon successful completion of Part I and II exams, you may submit an Application to Candidacy Form—a form required to officially become a candidate for conferral of a PhD degree—to the UB Graduate School.