Through the dissertation, you will design, implement, complete and report on significant and original, independent research. You will conduct your research under the supervision of your major professor and your supervisory committee.

Your research culminates in a dissertation defense. You must submit the dissertation to your supervisory committee at least one month prior to the final defense. Your major professor will then submit to an outside reader, chosen by the committee, for evaluation. Once the outside review has been completed and the evaluation has been received, the final oral exam will be scheduled where you will present and formally defend your thesis. 

To pass the final oral exam, your supervisory committee members must unanimously agree that you have successfully defended your dissertation and that the research furthers the knowledge of biostatistics.

You must submit copies of your dissertation to the department, to your major professor and to the UB Graduate School. Review the dissertation formatting guidelines in preparation. Copies must be received by the following deadlines:

  • The Friday before spring classes for a Feb. 1 degree conferral
  • Last day of spring exams for a June 1 degree conferral
  • The Friday before fall classes for a Sept. 1 degree conferral