This scholarship for fifth-year occupational therapy students is awarded in memory of Kathy Shaffer, a 1987 graduate of the UB occupational therapy department baccalaureate program and senior therapist at Erie County Medical Center. Shaffer’s contributions to UB included course instruction and fieldwork supervision of students. She is best remembered for her excellent clinical skills and mentoring relationships with students.

Students are nominated for the award by occupational therapy faculty. A committee of faculty members, colleagues and family members select the recipient.

Past Recipients by Academic Year

  • 2017: Joseph Vokes, Kristina Galang
  • 2016: David Griffo, Erin McDowell
  • 2015: Rachel Schraeder, Stacey Uriarte
  • 2014: Joshua Helak, Alison Pyszczynski
  • 2013: Elizabeth Allstadt, Timothy Reedy
  • 2012: Bernadette O'Donoghue, Nathan Ramsey
  • 2011: Molly Mott, Allyssa Santoru
  • 2010: Jamie Balmuth, Jeremy Toeper
  • 2009: Angela Chau, Kyleen King, Sara Zarinkelki
  • 2008: Janet LaLonde-Mears
  • 2005: Christine Brownstein
  • 2003: Amanda B. Wydysh
  • 2002: Thomas Kincheloe
  • 2001: Kate E. Siegel