Richard N. Schmidt Award for Outstanding PhD Student

This award fund was established in honor of Richard Schmidt, professor emeritus in the Department of Biostatistics, and his vital role in ensuring the ongoing success of the department and its students.

Qualifications and Details

Awarded annually in the sping semester to a PhD student to recognize academic excellence, as reflected by qualifying exam scores and classroom performance in core courses of the curriculum.

Past Winners

  • 2016: Alex Foss
  • 2015: Han Yu
  • 2014: Tingting Zhuang
  • 2013: Xiaobin Liu
  • 2012: Dan Wang
  • 2011: Tuochuan Dong
  • 2010: Kristopher Attwood
  • 2009: Le Kang
  • 2008: Dongliang Wang
  • 2007: Wei Deng
  • 2006: Xueya Cai