J. Warren Perry Scholarship

Honoring the first dean of the School of Health Related Professions, the J. Warren Perry Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences or the Department of Rehabilitation Science. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of academic achievement and professional potential.

Competition for the scholarship is announced in April of each year. Applications for the Perry Scholarship are available through the Office of the Dean or the departments and are to be submitted to the Office of the Dean. Decisions are made by a committee appointed by the dean.

Past Winners

  • 2015: Margaret DiLella, Cory Dungan, Anthony Juritsch, Elizabeth Machnica, Laura Schubbe, DJ Tuttle
  • 2014: Yi Tan, Harry Marsales, Jaclyn Masci, Alexis Vittum, Kristina Kalyan
  • 2013: Kerrin Carter, Xiaofan Xu, Sarah Lonergan, Theresa Bartels, Carmelinda Clark-Bouchard, Edward Seger, Lydia Vazquez, David Nichols, Chelsea Mahaney
  • 2012: Patrick Vanini, Kenneth Wojnowski, Moreen Nickerson, Sutanuka Bhattacharjya, Margery Henning, Abigail Owusu, Nathan Ramsey, Nicole Schmidt, Elizabeth Dungan, Joshua Fallon
  • 2011: Milind Chaudhari, Mary Clausen, Curtis Hohl, Jaymie Merry
  • 2010: Katherine LeBlanc, Rachel Kanouse, William Stendardi, Katherine Muto, Jessica Thomas
  • 2009: Jacob McPherson, Andrea Chmiel, Hannah Clark, Maya Lambiase
  • 2008: Atcharaporn (Amy) Limprasertkul, Malary Lang, Robert Richards, Joseph Chirco, Katherine Herling
  • 2007: Neeraj A. Kumar, Julie S. Marcotte, Megan A. Evangelist, Ashley M. Savage
  • 2006: Nicola R. Cavallo, Carol A. DeNysschen, Sean E. Smith
  • 2005: Sajay Arthanat, Stephanie Hecker, Patrick Mahaney
  • 2004: Jacquia L. Fenderson, Amy S. Jukan
  • 2003: Kristopher D. Bosch, Chiung-Yu Cho
  • 2002: Andrew D. Ray, Robin L. Hoos
  • 2001: Courtney Kolstad, Nancy Albrecht
  • 2000: Kristen E. Gerlach, Laura Stockmeyer