Saxon Graham Award

This annual award to a student graduating with a PhD in epidemiology was established in 1997 to honor the excellent leadership provided by the late Saxon Graham, PhD, professor emeritus and chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health from 1981 to 1991.

Eligible students are those who have defended their dissertation by Aug. 30 of the previous year. To be eligible, students must gather epidemiologic data fairly extensively during their career (primary data collection), either for dissertation or other epidemiologic purpose. Nominations come from the student’s major professor, committee member or other departmental faculty. The award is for excellence as a doctoral student; the topic of dissertation should include epidemiology and the prevention of disease, and is not limited to cancer. Selection for the award is made by the department’s education committee.

Qualifications and Details

Awarded annually in the spring semester to a doctoral student in epidemiology.

Past Winners

  • 2017: Youjin Wang
  • 2016: Xiaodan Mai
  • 2015: Kelly Kamm
  • 2014: Yanli Li
  • 2010: Brian King
  • 2009: Mark Travers
  • 2008: Ravi Menezes
  • 2007: Renee Brennan
  • 2006: Brian Wrotniak
  • 2005: Oelisoa Mireille Andriankaja
  • 2004: Jill Murphy
  • 2003: Matthew Bonner
  • 2002: Danelle Lobdell
  • 2000: Jeffrey Bethony
  • 1999: Enrique Schisterman
  • 1998: Susan McCann
  • 1997: Sandra Petralia