For many years, Al Caffiero has been one of the most prominent physical therapists in Western New York. Throughout his distinguished career, he has displayed a caring attitude, altruism, creativity, clinical insight, dedication to the profession and an inspiring degree of optimism. Consistent with his vision for the profession and his caring attitude toward students, he and his friends have established this scholarship that is awarded to Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students during their second year of study at UB.

Applicants must be DPT students in their first year of professional study. Selection criteria include history of community/professional service, financial need, professional promise and academic performance.

Past Recipients by Academic Year

  • 2016: Samantha Banker, Zhuo-Yan Lee, Melissa Spitzer and Pamela Woods
  • 2015: Rachel Boccard, Samuel Helfer and Jesse Polanco
  • 2014: Nicole Bachelet, Brayan Lopez
  • 2013: Christine Abrams, Brian Hehr
  • 2012: Sarah Kirsch, Stephen Fose, Michael Pollicella, Kam Cheng
  • 2011: Amanda Ariano, Lisa Butera, Shaughn Regan, Raoul Roces
  • 2010: Daniel Reilly, Elizabeth Larson, Leah Laube, Derek Smith
  • 2009: Katherine LeBlanc, Jacob McPherson, Samantha Wirth
  • 2008: Robert Richards, Katherine Herling, Jennifer Bochynski, John Arlington
  • 2007: Lauren A. Chinchen, Jennie L. Donofrio, Kemba R. Pollard
  • 2006: Courtney Schottmiller, Melinda Brookman, Melissa Phillip
  • 2005: Emily Russell, Justin Spiegel, James Linz, Nick Cavallo
  • 2004: Lauren Byrne, Gretchen Dexheimer, Justin Moyer
  • 2003: Richard Stinziano, Hoiwing Tang, Peter Theodosopoulos
  • 2002: Laura Jabcuga, Tegan Johnson