Undergraduate Pre-Professional Sequence

You must apply to the University at Buffalo as an undergraduate and complete the courses in the first two years of the program, known as the pre-professional sequence, as well as 70 hours of volunteer/observation hours. All students must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at UB when applying to the program.

COVID-19 Modification

Currently, students are not able to complete volunteer hours in preparation for OT application due to COVID-19 restrictions, and we understand this. We will reassess the situation as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in order to develop a volunteer policy that is both meaningful for incoming students and realistic for completion in time for January 2021 application. Policy changes will be posted on our website and sent via email to all students listed as intended OT majors.

If you are a transfer student, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at UB and have completed the prerequisites or approved equivalent coursework, and the minimum of 70 hours of volunteer/observation hours prior to applying to the professional sequence.

Questions about the admissions process?

Applying to the Professional Program

All students must apply to the professional program through Graduate School Application Manager by January 6, prior to the summer they expect to begin the professional program. That includes those students who are reapplying to the program.

Students must complete the prerequisite and the UB Curriculum requirements.  Students may not take prerequisite courses more than twice and may not repeat more than two prerequisite courses.

Questions about applying to the professional program?

For questions regarding the application process contact
MaryAnn Venezia, Program Coordinator at (716) 829-6742 or

For questions regarding how to complete the application, contact Jaclyn Levesque at

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