Rehabilitation Science PhD

Angela Smalley, PhD candidate evaluating data in the biomechanics lab.

Personalize your program of study by developing and exploring the areas of rehabilitation science that interest you most.

Our PhD program’s interdisciplinary curriculum offers a theoretical understanding of rehabilitation science—the study of physical, musculoskeletal, psychological and functional disorders in humans—while the emphasis on research provides the practical skills needed to investigate key issues in the field.


You will gain valuable experience in identifying and addressing major research questions by designing, conducting and publishing research throughout the PhD program.

While the overarching research theme for the program is aging and disability, you can investigate research areas that are most significant to you. Possible concentrations include:

  • Healthy aging
  • Culture and disability
  • Balance and risk of falling
  • Muscle and sensory physiology
  • Social support/caregiving
  • Assistive technology


There is a critical need for researchers and faculty in the areas of disability and rehabilitation and this program prepares you for both.

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