Frequently Asked Questions

What are the backgrounds of current students?

Backgrounds include physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, industrial engineers, physicians, special educators and those interested in various areas of rehabilitation.

When are applications considered for admission? When are applicants informed of their acceptance or rejection?

Applications are submitted to the Rehabilitation Science Steering Committee as soon as they are received. Applicants are informed once the committee makes a decision, usually before May 1.

What are possible career opportunities with a PhD degree in rehabilitation science?

Career opportunities may include academic faculty positions, research positions in the public and private sectors, clinical and/or administrative positions.

How long will it take to earn a PhD?

All graduate work credited to the doctoral degree must be completed within seven years of the first registration date in the program.

Are there opportunities to interact with other departments?

In addition to working with the Department of Rehabilitation Science, you may interact with faculty from departments throughout the university, including architecture and planning; communicative disorders and sciences; and exercise and nutrition sciences.

Where can I find housing convenient to the campus?

UB offers a variety of campus living options for graduate students, including townhouses and traditional residence hall accommodations. An off-campus housing division can also help you find a place in the area.