Course Descriptions

RSC 570 Culture and Disability

2 Credits

This course provides an overview of the relationships among culture-based views of disability, views about appropriate interventions and the roles of rehabilitation professionals, persons with disabilities and family members. The course examines the impact of these variables on health disparities, barriers to rehabilitation services and the effectiveness of such services. The course will review research on these relationships, as well as educational approaches to teaching cultural competence in-service and pre-service.   

RSC 600 Research in Rehabilitation Science

1 Credit, Fall Semester

This course will provide the student with information about rehabilitation research topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. The student will engage in discussion about rehabilitation topics and research strategies.

RSC 648 Aging, Health and Disability

3 Credits

This course provides an overview of age-related changes with aging in four modules: motor, sensory, functional/psychosocial, and cognitive manifestations of aging in adults, and how they are maintained or improved, based on evidence-based practice and recent research. These four course modules will share in examining age-related changes in healthy adults and in adults with age-related illnesses and conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.