Student training is an important aspect of the Population Health Observatory's (PHO) multifaceted mission of research, training and service. 

Master and PhD students in the Department of Biostatistics receive hands on training in health informatics, and health sciences or biostatistical research. Students write master's project reports, PhD dissertations, or reports on their work on projects as research assistants. Many of these efforts produce work that is publishable in either the statistics, or health science literature or is of interest to funding agencies, and is published as PHO technical or administrative reports.

Student Projects

  • Assessment of biodosimeters using atomic bomb survivor data
  • Investigation of geographic and demographic differences in mortality rates due to leukodystrophy diseases among 0-5 year olds
  • Investigation of the properties of estimators obtained from datasets that include imputed values of missing observations
  • Development of subscales from responses to items in a survey completed by families of children who received services from New York State’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) for disabled or developmentally delayed infants/toddlers
  • Assessment of the EIP’s success in improving developmental outcomes among program participants


Doctoral Students from 2007-present

  • Alex Foss, PhD, 2017, “Clustering Methods for Mixed-type Data”
  • Kabir Jalal, PhD, 2015, “Imputation Based Methods for Incidence Rate Estimation of Rare Diseases from Federal and State Mortality Data Supplemented with Disease Registry Data”
  • Mojgan Golzy, PhD, 2015, “Mixed Effects Modeling of Recurrent Events: A Generalized Frailty Model Approach“
  • Netsanet Imam, PhD, 2014, “High Dimensional Factor Analysis for Predictive Modeling, Gene Discovery, and Genetic Risk Assessment”
  • Li Yan, PhD, 2013, Selected Topics in Statistical Methods for DNA Microarray Analysis
  • Le Kang, PhD, 2012, “Several Issues in Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests and Complex Biomarkers”
  • Terry Mashtare, PhD, 2010, Extensions in the Use of Epsilon-Skew-Normal Distribution for Statistical Modeling
  • Carmen Tekwe, PhD, 2010, “Generalized Multiple Indicators Multiple Causes (MIMIC) Models”
  • Austin Miller, PhD, 2009, “Statistical Methods for Biodosimetry in the Presence of Both Berkson and Classical Measurement Error”
  • Antara Majumdar, PhD, 2007, “Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Measurement Error Models based on Monte Carlo EM Algorithm”
  • Youngju Pak, PhD, 2007, “Multivariate Linear Path Models”

Master's Students

  • Mingmei Tian
  • Wei Tan, MA, 2006
  • Jim Java, MA, 2006
  • Ji-Young Yu, MPH, 2007
  • Jonathan Dare, MA, 2008
  • Shuling Liu, MA, 2009
  • Christopher Purdy, MA, 2008
  • Robyn Mazur, MPH, 2015

Undergraduate Intern

  • Daivon Garrick