Exercise Science and Nutrition BS/MS

faculty and grad student in the nutrition lab

Combine your undergraduate and graduate education with the ultimate wellness degree.

This dual-degree program leads to bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in nutrition. With this program, you will:

  • Combine two areas at the forefront of efforts to reduce chronic diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, cancer, obesity and diabetes.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of human health and wellness.
  • Learn about career options through a practicum in exercise, nutrition or a combination.
  • Participate in research studies spanning health science from molecular and cell biology to epidemiology to exercise and nutrition.
  • Prepare for advanced professional degrees, including medical, physician assistant or chiropractic programs, and for further study at the PhD level.

Earn Two Degrees in Five Years

With careful planning, you can complete the program in five years. The best time for planning is in your freshman year; however, you can still complete the program within that timeframe with a later start.

While most students choose the comprehensive exam option for the master’s degree, you may elect to complete a thesis instead. With the thesis option, it is likely that that the program will take longer than five years to complete.

In your first two years of the program, you’ll complete the lower division prerequisite course just as you would with the bachelor’s degree program. You’ll then apply to the professional sequence of the undergraduate exercise science program in January of your junior year. Once accepted, you’ll be eligible to apply for the combined BS/MS program.

This degree does not lead to registered dietitian (RD) licensure or allow you to practice as an RD.