Undergraduate Advisement

Our Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and the Office for Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) are here to help you prepare for and plan your academic experience at UB.

Undergraduate Advisement

Once you have been accepted for admission into UB, you may enter the undergraduate exercise science program and take prerequisite courses. Completion of the prerequisite sequence usually takes two years. During this time, an OASA advisor will be available to meet with you regularly to review your academic progress. This will help ensure that you are taking the proper prerequisites for your intended program track and that you are maintaining an appropriate GPA.

Schedule an appointment with an advisor each semester. Contact OASA at sphhp-oasa@buffalo.edu or (716) 829-5000.

Change of Undergraduate Major

To be added to the Exercise Science plan, use our Undergraduate Plan Change Form.

Note: Students who change their major to Exercise Science still have to apply and be accepted to the program. To apply, you must:

Please note that this is a competitive program where students are ranked by prerequisite GPA and only the top 120 students are accepted. To be eligible students must have a minimum prerequisite GPA of a 2.5. If you are unsure whether or not the exercise science plan may be a good academic fit for you, you are encouraged to make an appointment with an advisor in OASA to discuss your academic plan by emailing sphhp-oasa@buffalo.edu.

To be removed from the Exercise Science plan, please email sphhp-ens-undergrad@buffalo.edu with your full name and person number.

Promotion to Professional Sequence

In the spring of your sophomore year, you’ll need to submit a Promotion to Professional Sequence application to continue in the following:

Both the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and OASA can assist you in preparing your application materials.

Internship and Professional Advisement

After admission into the professional sequence, the director of clinical education can assist you with the selection and application process for fulfilling your internship requirement. 

In preparation for your internship and graduation, you will enroll in ES 450, Professional Development, in the fall of your senior year.

Advisement for BS/MS and BS/MPH Programs

If you are interested in our combined degree programs, you’ll need to submit a supplemental online application by the first academic day in March for the BS/MS program, and by April 1 for the BS/MPH.

If you entered UB in Freshman Honors or Academic Excellence programs, you can be admitted to the BS/MS in exercise science and nutrition at any time.

Internship and Professional Advisement

Our director of graduate studies will serve as your advisor during the initial phases of your master’s or doctoral degree. As you progress in the program, your major professor and graduate committee will serve as your advisors.