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Getting five or fewer hours of sleep a night is associated with low bone mineral density (BMD) and higher odds of osteoporosis, according to the findings of the largest study of sleep and BMD to date among U.S. postmenopausal women.


Women who did the highest amount of physical activity had an 18% lower risk of hip fracture and 6% lower risk of total fracture.


The spotlight was on UB faculty and staff, and their achievements during 2019 at the annual Celebration of Faculty and Staff Academic Excellence.


Over the past two decades, CRIA has trained more than 30 postdocs who’ve gone on to obtain research positions at universities across the country.


UB study will compare Opioid Intervention Court and traditional drug court in four key areas, providing policymakers and providers with evidence of OIC’s effectiveness.


Goal of the $750,000 grant is to address the “cognitive and frailty tsunami already crashing on our shores.”


If the goal is getting people to eat more fruits and vegetables, mobile produce and farmers markets are more effective.


Research project involving 200 Buffalo police officers aims to characterize the physical, rather than psychological, health effects that are a result of police officers’ atypical work hours.


Two faculty members in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences are serving on New York State’s Maternal Mortality Advisory Council.