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Technology called MindEye uses infrared camera to detect subtle changes in pupil dilation and eye movement.


The UB School of Dental Medicine will welcome hundreds of Western New York children who lack access to dental care to receive free oral health care, hearing and vision exams, and other health services. 


Participants in the Aging Innovation Challenge developed prototype products and hacked the issues that aging New Yorkers face every day.


Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers identify vitamin E acetate as likely culprit.


UB faculty experts offer tips on how to eat right, move more and stress less.


From analyzing the avocado genome to designing a stingray-inspired space exploration vehicle, here are some highlights from a year of discovery.


The three pilot projects aim to understand how obesity develops and what systems might be targeted to treat it.


Three projects selected for pilot grants all have the broader aim of understanding how obesity develops and what systems might be targeted to treat it.


Community Health Equity Research Institute brings together community partners and faculty, students from 10 UB schools to improve health of underserved neighborhoods.


Participants who ate a Western diet were three times more likely to develop late stage of this debilitating eye condition.