Meet Our Staff

We strive to have a team approach to student services. One of our staff members will assist you with all of your advising and student services needs. 

Undergraduate Academic Programs Leadership and Staff

Gaspar Farkas.

Gaspar Farkas, PhD

Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Jillian Reading.

Jillian Reading

Assistant Dean/Director of Student Affairs

104 Kimball Tower


Cassandra Walker-Whiteside.

Cassandra Walker-Whiteside

Senior Academic Advisor

104 Kimball Tower


Michelle Incorvia.

Michelle Incorvia

Academic Advisor

104A Kimball Tower

Phone: (716) 829-5705


Katie Alford.

Katie Alford

Coordinator, Student Services and Recruitment

104B Kimball Tower


Pedro J. Sotelo-Peryea.

Pedro J. Sotelo-Peryea

Director, Academic Advising Initiatives

106 Kimball Tower


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