Industrial printed circuit board manufacturing

Competency Group: Electrical Engineering

Type: Hardware Manufacture Tools

Description: Industrial printed circuit board manufacturing is an almost entirely automated process where copper coated board is etched to meet the design criteria. From this process — huge quantities of the same design can be manufactured. Basically send your designs for a price to the PCB manufacturers and agree on a price per unit.

Citation for Description: Described by authors

Units: Hardware for the final boards

Advantages: Once design is finalized — the relative cost per board is significantly reduced dependent upon quantity required.

Limitations: Not worth considering until final design. Many manufacturers produce inferior quality products, careful considerations needed.

Regulations: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (2001). UL Standard for Safety for Printed-Wiring Boards, UL 796. Retrieved from

Target Audience: Engineering

Relevant to Universal Design: No

Stages and Steps: 7.1

Purchase Resource: ACDI. (2011). Retrieved from