Our Staff

Joseph P. Lane.

Joseph P. Lane, MBPA

Director, CAT

Joe Lane engages government, academic and industry sectors in the issues associated with systematically generating technology-based innovations with beneficial socioeconomic impacts.
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Susan Arnold.

Susan M. Arnold, AAS

Director of Dissemination

Sue Arnold is responsible for website design and content, pre/post material submission for publications and presentations for the Center on KT4TT.
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Jennifer Flagg.

Jennifer L. Flagg, MBA

Co-Principal Investigator

Jen Flagg has more than a decade of experience in the commercialization of medical and assistive technology devices.
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James Leahy.

James A. Leahy, BS

Co-Principal Investigator

Jim Leahy leads the “Participatory Observer Project” for the Center on KT4TT at the University at Buffalo.
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Michelle Lockett.

Michelle M. Lockett, MBA

Senior Analyst

Michelle Lockett develops relationships with other NIDILRR technology grantees in search of barriers and best practices involved in the process of product development and technology transfer. 
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Vathsala Stone.

Vathsala I. Stone, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator and Program Evaluator

As a project team member for 14 years, Dr. Vathsala Stone has designed all of our research projects as well as our evaluation programs.
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Doug Usiak.

Douglas J. Usiak, BS

Co-Principal Investigator

Doug Usiak serves as co-investigator and university-community liaison, a role he has held through five cycles of funding since 1993.
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Laurie Yarnes.

Laurie J. Yarnes, BS

Research Support Specialist

As a graphic designer with CAT since 1999, Laurie Yarnes has been instrumental in designing creative promotional material to enhance the Center on KT4TT.
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