IP agreements

Competency Group: Business

Type: Process

Description: Intellectual property (IP) is any product of human intellect; inventions, literary works (including software), trade secrets, industrial designs, and trademarks (Schoppe& Pekar, 2005). Types of IP agreements include non-disclosure, confidentiality agreements, and licensing agreements. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are used to protect both the disclosing and receiving company from theft of an idea or invention. Licensing agreements state the terms of a negotiated deal for one entity to use the technology or invention of another entity.

Citation for Description: Schoppe, L. A. & Pekar, N. (2005). Extracting value from your patent portfolio. In: Kahn, K.B., Castellion, G. & Griffin, A. (eds.) (2005). The PDMA handbook of new product development. Hoboken, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Relevant to Universal Design: No

Stages and Steps: 4.4