We expect that graduates of the PhD program will serve as future academicians in rehabilitation science and will do the following.

  • Exhibit broad knowledge concerning aging and disability
  • Understand the issues of public health as they relate to rehabilitation science
  • Be able to write extramural research grants
  • Be able to independently write research articles
  • Be able to teach courses in rehabilitation science
  • Contribute to their professions by serving as reviewers of grants and articles, and holding office in regional/state/national organizations
  • Pursue additional research training following graduation, in the form of post-doctoral fellowships
  • Successfully seek tenure-track faculty positions at research-intensive universities.
  • Earn tenure and promotion to associate and then full professor at research-intensive universities.
  • Successfully compete for extramural grant funds
  • Publish in respected peer-reviewed journals
  • Educate, train and graduate future generations of academicians in rehabilitation science