Online Education

We support School of Public Health and Health Professions faculty members in exploring how to integrate technology within the educational experience.

We do this in a variety of ways—from collaborating with faculty to determine the best way to present information to students in a digital environment to offering the essential technological tools to providing training for new learning opportunities.

From teaching completely online courses, to offering “flipped” or hybrid courses, our faculty are using innovative technology to create more engaging learning environments for our students.
The SPHHP has adopted a number of hardware and software solutions to provide our faculty with the tools necessary in today’s higher education landscape.
Flipped and hybrid courses can offer additional challenges over traditional seated courses. These resources provide best practices and recommended techniques to help you teach according to your needs.
We offer a number of faculty development workshops throughout the year about new technologies and teaching strategies.

We have expertise in online education, teaching, media editing, technology and videography.