Field Training Directions

Field training should be scheduled after a student completes the majority of their required coursework—this is typically after the second semester. Students should begin preparing for field training at least three months prior to their anticipated start date.

Field training can occur in the fall, winter, spring or summer semesters. 

  1. Student reviews field training information and list of MPH field training sites and/or MPH field training postings on the School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP) Field Training website.
  2. Student discusses field training interests with their faculty advisor and registers for field training (CHB/EEH/STA 544 for 3 credits) after receiving faculty advisor approval.* 
  3. Students should register for field training credits in the semester in which they will complete their hours. If students will complete hours over two semesters, for example a summer and fall, they should register for the number of credits related to the hours they plan to work in each semester. One credit is associated with 40 hours of field training. Students who are full-time will pay additional tuition costs when registering for summer credits.
  4. Student meets with Robert Furlani, assistant director of MPH training, to discuss field training interests and options at least three months prior to the anticipated start date of field training. Contact Mr. Furlani by email at or by phone at (716) 829-6717.
  5. Student submits resume to Robert Furlani.
  6. Robert Furlani identifies a potential field training placement and facilitates an interview between the agency and student.
  7. After the agency interview and offer of placement, student discusses the field training assignment (project, activities, goals, start date, hours, etc.) with their faculty advisor.
  8. After faculty advisor approval, student submits Form 1 - MPH Field Training Description using MyInternshipJournal. Follow the steps for Setting up your MyInternshipJournal account to begin field training in the MPH Student Resources portal in UBLearns.
  9. At the conclusion of the field training experience, using MyInternshipJournal, student forwards Form 2 - Evaluation of Student's Performance to their site supervisor. Student then completes Form 3 - Student's Evaluation of their Field Training Experience.
  10. Student prepares and submits a PowerPoint slide set of their field training experience. The slide set should consist of between 15 to 20 slides and include speaker notes for each slide. Student uploads final slide set into their account for faculty advisor to review. Each student's faculty advisor reviews the slide set and assigns a grade.
    • By completing this slide set, students can also earn the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) Healthcare Practice Digital Badge. More information is available in the MPH Student Resources Portal.