Educational Technology

UBlearns Support

Contact the UB Center for Education Innovation (CEI)

Martha Greatrix, UBlearns support is available by appointment.

Classroom Recording

First, schedule a classroom:

Then, schedule a classroom recording:

If you want your lecture or presentation recorded, you will have to complete the following form (requires UBIT login).

PowerPoints with Voiceover


Record, edit and publish academic video and audio content from your computer or mobile device. Learn about Panopto at UB.

  • In the past, we have utilized the SmartPodium for powerpoint voiceovers, and then uploaded to YouTube. All PowerPoint voiceover recordings will now be created using Panopto and will be managed by you through your Panopto account.
  • Submit an IT ticket to have Panopto installed on your office workstation.

Step-by-Step Panopto Instructions

Skype Camera

A portable HD Skype camera is available to borrow for remote guest presenters in your classroom. Please submit a communications ticket to find out if the camera is available for your requested date and time. You will be provided a setup guide for plugging in the camera to the classroom workstation or laptop.

Additional Support

Can't find exactly what you are looking for? Submit a ticket and we'll help you from there. Thanks for your cooperation!


Communications Support

Please fill out a Communications support request ticket for communications support, including: website updates, photography and video, branding assistance, digital display, social media requests and other marketing efforts.

IT Support

Please fill out an IT support ticket for your computer support, including: software, hardware, network drives, plotter printing, and managing all aspects of the computer lab.