Educational Technology

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Live stream and record your class content from anywhere

Record, edit and publish academic video and audio content from your computer or mobile device. Submit an IT ticket to have Panopto installed on your office workstation. Download and Install Panopto (iOS or Android) App

Step-by-Step Panopto instructions to get you started


An easy-to-use, video communication platform that includes video conferencing, recording, phone, chat and screen sharing. Zoom is available to all UB students, faculty and staff.

UBlearns support

Classroom scheduling and recording on campus

First, schedule a classroom:

Second, schedule a recording:

Department coordinators

  • Biostatistics-Beth Crvelin
  • CHHB-Barb Sen
  • EEH-Karen Degarmo
  • ENS-Maureen Lannen
  • RS-Karen Barnes

Portable conference cameras for the non-tech ready classroom

A portable HD conference camera is available to borrow for remote guest presenters in your classroom.

  • Dean's Office staff: Submit an SPHHP IT Ticket.
  • Department faculty and staff: Contact your department coordinators to borrow the department camera.