Robert O'Shea Student Travel Award

Established in 2005 to honor Robert O’Shea, PhD, associate professor emeritus and first director of graduate studies in the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health from 1977 to 1997.

Students may submit a written request to the department’s finance committee to support their travel to present research findings at professional meetings, and are strongly encouraged to submit for approval prior to abstract submission. Those students who are supported by a faculty member’s research funding for travel may also be eligible for the award.

Past Recipients

  • 2018: Christina Crabtree-Ide, Gauri Desai, Shruti Dighe, Seth Frndak, Nadia Koyratty, Ajay Anand Myneni, John Reinier Narvaez, Jason Zhongzheng Niu, Sarah Twardowski
  • 2017: Gauri Desai, Zeinab Farhat, Anushree Sharma, Raquel Velazquez-Kronen
  • 2016: Gauri Desai, Henry Lin, Ajay Anand Myneni, Kerris Sease, Wit Wichaidit, Christina Zheng
  • 2015: Joshua Gordon, Youjin Wang
  • 2014: Anne Weaver, Wit Wichaidit
  • 2013: Elizabeth Plunkett-McLean, Marielle Wiede
  • 2012: Mark Glasgow, Xiaodan Mai, Michelle Sahli, Anne Weaver
  • 2011: Kelly Kamm, Yanli Li, Anne Weaver
  • 2010: Rajprakash Chennamaneni
  • 2009: Brian King, Yanli Li
  • 2008: Brian King
  • 2007: Ted Brasky, David Jaworowicz, Mary Platek
  • 2006: Anna Falicov, David Jaworowicz, Reem Mustafa, Stephen Trynosky, Michael Yeh
  • 2005: Bamidele Tayo, Barbara Teter