She was held in high regard by her fellow dietitians and the other health care providers she worked with. Throughout her relatively brief career, which was cut short by illness, she showed a demanding nature, expecting the most from herself and those she worked with. Her friends and colleagues remember her as a dynamic, intelligent dietitian at facilities such as ECMC and Sister's Hospital working in the ICU and other advanced care areas. The hallmark of her life was the desire to learn--shown by her return to school as an MS thesis student in nutrition.

The primary goal of the Howland Scholarship is to honor fellow dietitians who have continued their education in graduate studies at the University at Buffalo. The honoree must be a current graduate student in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. The Howland Scholar should show Howland's desire to be the best dietitian in his/her area of specialization and a desire to expand knowledge in the field.

Past Recipients by Academic Year

  • 2016: Joyce Mathew
  • 2015: Tony Juritsch
  • 2014: Jaclyn Masci
  • 2013: Carmelinda Clark-Bouchard
  • 2012: Shulamit Schechter
  • 2011: Aleksandra Bykowska
  • 2010: Rachel Darr
  • 2009: Katie Hootman
  • 2008: Kelly Therrian
  • 2007: Julie L. Winters
  • 2006: Rachael Pohle-Krauza
  • 2005: Carol DeNysschen
  • 2004: Janice Nowak