Volunteer Opportunities

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Students, faculty, and staff can volunteer their time in global health focused organizations in Buffalo and around the world.

Volunteers can mentor students from around the world through the Internet, take part in a global health immersion program or help refugee organizations right here in Buffalo. 

International Volunteer Opportunities

Unite For Site Global Impact Corps

Join Unite For Sight’s Global Impact Corps for a hands-on, immersive global health experience. A transformative volunteer abroad experience for students and professionals, Unite For Sight is renowned as the highest quality global health immersion and volunteer abroad program worldwide. Unite For Sight prides itself on offering the best global health experience for its volunteers, coupled with the highest quality healthcare delivery programs with its partners.

Web-Based Statistics Mentoring

Would you like to mentor a PhD or master's statistics student in a developing country remotely over the Internet? Join at statmentoring.nr.no. The program, sponsored by the International Statistical Institute and Bernoulli Society aims to build statistical capacity in developing regions of the world. Statisticians play key roles in data collection, analysis and decision making in a number of fields around the world but often the resources and infrastructure are limited in developing communities. Members use the Internet to create individual mentor relationships in communities throughout Africa and Asia. The mentoring program is based in Oslo, Norway, and managed by Magne Aldrin and Arnoldo Frigessi.

Local Volunteer Opportunities

International Institute of Buffalo

The International Institute has assisted immigrants, refugees and others who face linguistic and cultural barriers to become self-sufficient, active members of our community. Volunteers help with refugee resettlement, the international visitors program, the global education programs, language services and victim services. Typical volunteer hours range from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Jericho Road Community Health Center

Jericho Road Community Health Center is dedicated to facilitating wellness and self-sufficiency in the lives of refugees and low-income community members. Those interested in the organization can, for example, volunteer as a mentor with the Priscilla Project, teach sewing classes in the Hope Refugee Sewing Project, teach English for the ESL Initiative or volunteer in a number of capacities at the Hope Drop-In Center. 

Journey's End Refugee Services

Journey's End Refugee Services is a Christian, community-based organization that strives to assist refugees to become healthy and independent members of the community. Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals, groups and churches. Volunteers can serve in their library program, English language tutoring, employment programs and mentoring programs.