Requirements and Curriculum

Core Courses Required for All Concentrations (49 credits)

All Exercise Science students must complete ES 200 Introduction to Exercise Science, PGY 300 Human Physiology, and ES 207 Human Form and Function before taking upper level ES courses. 

Upper level ES courses (300- and 400-level) may have additional prerequisites that must be completed prior to enrolling in these courses. Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for information on prerequisites for upper level (300- and 400-level) ES courses.

  • ES 200 Introduction to Exercise Science – 3 cr.
  • ES 207 Human Form and Function – 4 cr. (ES 207 must be taken at the University at Buffalo)
  • PGY 300 Human Physiology – 4 cr.
  • PHY 101 Physics 1 – 4 cr.
  • Chemistry – refer to individual concentrations for Chemistry requirement
  • NTR 108 Human Nutrition – 3 cr.
  • PSY 101 Psychology – 3 cr.
  • STA 119 Lec/Rec Statistical Methods – 4 cr.
  • PUB 101 Introduction to Public Health – 3 cr.
  • ES 380 Exercise Physiology – 3 cr.
  • ES 310 Lec/Lab Practical Applications in Exercise Science – 4 cr.
  • ES 442 Introduction to ES Lab Techniques – 1 cr.
  • ES 450 Professional Development – 1 cr.
  • ES 429 Internship – 12 cr.

Required Courses – vary based on the selected concentration

Refer to the undergraduate catalog links below for the recommended curriculum sequence for each of the concentrations.  

Clinical Experiences

A fundamental part of the Exercise Science program includes participation in clinical experiences. Clinical experiences include any field experience – practicum, internship or volunteer hours – in on- or off-campus learning environments that provide students with practical, hands-on experience. Clinical experiences help students synthesize theory into practice and transition from student to professional.

UB Curriculum

All students are required to complete the UB Curriculum requirements to earn the bachelor’s degree.

All students must satisfy the University Degree Requirements to earn the Exercise Science BS.