Requirements and Curriculum


The Master of Science (MS) program in Community Health and Health Behavior requires 30 credit hours of classroom coursework, directed research and a culminating experience.

The UB Graduate School requires a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum grade of B in all coursework to count towards your degree.


Throughout your coursework, you will study key principles of public health, community health and health behavior, and statistical and research methodology. 

Beyond formal coursework, the program is based on a mentor-mentee, apprenticeship model. This means that you will be involved with a faculty member’s research during your time in the program.

Upon completion of your coursework, you’ll complete a culminating experience – this can be either a Masters Thesis research project or a written comprehensive exam.

Required Courses

Community Health and Health Behavior (CHHB) Core Courses (9 Credit Hours)

Public Health Core Courses (6 or 7 Credit Hours)

Statistics and Research Methods Core Courses (7 Credit Hours)

  • STA 527 Statistical Analysis I, plus one 3-credit hour graduate-level statistics/research methods course.

Individualized Program of Studies

Beyond the required courses, you will design an individualized program of studies in consultation with an advisor and supervisory committee and will complete at least two additional graduate-level courses or mentored research experiences. You may take part in mentored research experiences for credit by working on a research team with your mentor. Through this process you will gain expertise in conducting research, statistical analysis, writing and research ethics. 

While working on mentored research projects, you will register for either:

Students who are completing a thesis project for the MS should register for 3 credits of CHB 695 or CHB 696. Students who are completing a thesis project for the BS-Public Health / MS combined program should register for 4 credits of CHB 695 or CHB 696. All students should register for credits during the semester they are working on their thesis.

Culminating Experience

After completing your coursework, you will satisfy the culminating experience requirement by taking either a written comprehensive exam or completing a thesis research project. 

CHHB Brown Bag Seminar

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the department's Brown Bag seminar presentations. The Brown Bags are designed to expose CHHB faculty and students to a broad range of public health topics.

Academic Integrity Policy for Graduate Students

All students should review and be familiar with UB’s policy on academic integrity.

Questions about program requirements or curriculum?

Contact Heather Orom, director of graduate studies, at