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From developing a pneumonia vaccine to desalinating water with the sun, here are some highlights from a year of discovery.

Registered Dietician Dana Ingebretson wants you to "Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables." It may sound simple, but access to healthy food options often prove confusing for folks who rely on food stamps in Western New York.

Funding from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation will enable researchers and occupational therapy students to develop a program that aims to ease some of the burden on Western New Yorkers providing care for frail older adults who have dementia.


Perspective of moral psychology helps inform why tobacco control debates are often so vitriolic and yet so often based on limited science, Lynn Kozlowski writes in new paper.


UB-led study shows significant reduction in death risk among women over 65 who regularly engaged in light physical activities like household chores.


The Fall Interprofessional Forum tackled a topic that organizers say is a textbook example of a situation that requires a collaborative approach.


Mietlicki-Baase is one of a handful of researchers studying amylin’s effects on food reward and how amylin signaling in the brain differs between males and females.


New scientific findings show that the company’s cancer-fighting antibody is effective against human tumors.


Research team is taking what they’ve learned through lab simulations on UB's South Campus and applying the findings to the NFTA’s fleet of buses.


Researchers from UB and Cardiff University were instrumental in creating a special themed issue of the quarterly journal Built Environment focused on food equity, an increasingly important topic in planning and design disciplines.


Findings show that so-called overdose drug is saving lives, and that expanding access to more first responders is key, researchers say.


UB tied for 117th overall among U.S. colleges and universities — the highest rating of any SUNY nstitution — according to the 2018 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings.


CDS aims to help the UB community eat healthier by lowering the amount of sodium in food sold on campus.


UB's Marianthi Markatou is one of 30 Greek- and Cypriot-born scholars hailing from a cross section of 28 prominent U.S. and Canadian universities who are traveling to Greece.


The work will address extreme weather, air pollution and autism spectrum disorder, and sustainable energy.


A free camp hosted by UB introduced Buffalo youth to educational and career opportunities in public health and health professions.


Five-year grant is a reflection of the recognition UB has received from the National Institutes of Health for the program’s outstanding record of cancer epidemiology training.


A postdoctoral researcher in UB's School of Public Health and Health Professions has been awarded a Banting Fellowship, Canada’s most prestigious award for postdoctoral researchers.


Postmenopausal women who have a history of gum disease have a higher risk of cancer, according to a UB-led study of more than 65,000 women that's also the first to report an association between the disease and gallbladder cancer risk.


Assisted by University at Buffalo research, Coolture seeks to expand beyond the medical device market.


The UB math students competing on NBC’s second season of “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” edged out the competition by six seconds in the second round of the series, earning a trip to the final night of competition.


The Office of Shared Governance is leading the charge to make UB a truly smoke-free campus.


Learning from the ‘mammalian diving reflex,’  UB researchers have successfully tested face cooling to prevent steep drops in blood pressure during simulated blood loss, a prehospital intervention that EMTs and battlefield medics could one day use to save lives.


Gregory Wilding has been named chair of the Department of Biostatistics in UB's School of Public Health and Health Professions.


Inequity is evident globally, with less than 1 percent of households in Ethiopia and 96.4 percent in Serbia having access to soap and water for handwashing.


Twenty-five UB students will receive $25,000 in scholarship and internship support through fellowship program made possible by the Prentice Family Foundation.


Alum Jordan Marwin's enthusiasm in encouraging prospective players steals the show at the hockey league's scouting combine.


Four UB students are competing on the upcoming season of “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge,” the hit NBC competition series featuring a mile-long obstacle course filled with mud, water and fire.


While tobacco control advocates are pushing for "a kind of prohibition" on cigarettes, the cannabis community is doing quite the opposite, researchers say.


Officers who work afternoons are more likely to be fatigued, which puts them at greater risk for accidents, errors and stress, according to results of UB-led study that won first place in national conference poster competition.


Leonard Epstein also has been named to the editorial board of JAMA Pediatrics, the highest impact journal in pediatrics.


One study will look at the barriers to PrEP usage through interviews with patients and clinicians, while the other will investigate a less invasive method for measuring PrEP adherence.


$875,861 study funded by the Naval Sea Systems Command will have applications for military and commercial diving.


Beginning in fall 2017, UB's School of Public Health and Health Professions will offer three new academic programs: undergraduate degrees in public health and statistics, and a combined bachelor’s in exercise science and master’s in athletic training.


The School of Public Health and Health Professions’ 2017 Step Challenge was a rousing success, with 1,700 participants taking more than 300 million steps.

Patricia J. Ohtake, associate professor of physical therapy in the Department of Rehabilitation Science, School of Public Health and Health Professions, has been appointed assistant vice president for interprofessional education.

James Smist was seven years old when his father, Felix Smist, graduated in mechanical engineering from the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


Speakers and workshop sessions addressed the theme of improving health literacy for Buffalo’s refugee population.


Women at the highest genetic risk for fracture benefit the most from hormone therapy, according to a first-of-its-kind study led by UB researchers.


Annual summit convenes scholars, resettlement agencies, service providers, community support centers, municipal agencies and refugees to explore barriers and solutions to promote culturally engaged health care for refugees in Buffalo.


Applications for undergraduate admission at UB are up 7.5 percent over last year, and are expected to top 27,000 for the first time.


UB-led study is among the largest and focuses exclusively on postmenopausal women in whom periodontitis, total tooth loss and cardiovascular disease is high nationally.


UB study may be first to relate children’s oral health to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.


All 52 UB occupational therapy graduates who took the 2016 National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists (NBCOT) exam within a year of graduation passed the test.


UB study yields neural crest cells from adult skin cells, and could lead to new treatments for Parkinson’s and other brain illnesses.


Since taking part in the inaugural SPHHP Step Challenge last year, UB staff member Michael May has lost more than 80 pounds.


Major national studies provide little evidence that e-cigarette users move to smoking cigarettes as a result, researchers from UB, Michigan write.


Freudenheim will present research on periodontal disease and breast cancer in postmenopausal women as part of the 41st annual American Society of Preventive Oncology (ASPO) Conference in Seattle.


UB researcher says public health experts need to be more up front with parents in explaining that CDC dietary recommendations may not help children who have been exposed to lead.


Results suggest that product satisfaction, perceived harm or danger and product type all work together to promote use or avoidance, researchers say.


R. Lorraine Collins was a member of National Academies panel that produced a landmark report on the health effects of cannabis.


FDA ad campaign geared toward rural teens who use smokeless tobacco products fails to provide public with important information on relative risks of smokeless tobacco compared to traditional cigarettes, Kozlowski and Sweanor write.


A study of more than 300 members of the Buffalo Police Department suggests that police events or conditions considered highly stressful by officers may be associated with disturbances of the normal awakening cortisol pattern.


iPad Minis, Fitbits, fitness gear and other prizes are up for grabs this spring as the Step Challenge sponsored by the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions returns for a second year.


Researchers will tackle urban infrastructure and groundwater, air pollution, green infrastructure and stormwater management, and development of lower-cost solar cells.


Research team led by Jo Freudenheim will examine DNA methylation differences in e-cig users compared to non-smokers and smokers.


Study of more than 1,500 men highlights need to make treatment decisions as informed and supported as possible, researchers say.


Among their findings, researchers discovered that nicotine levels in 'washed' hookah tobacco products were 236 percent higher, overall, than the product labeling claimed.


Cigarette smoking, heavy drinking, physical inactivity and poor diet remain key public health challenges for active duty personnel and veterans.


Google’s Toilet Locator could provide an innovative solution to India’s open defecation problem in urban locales, but major challenges remain in mitigating the issue in rural areas where it’s most common, says Pavani Ram.


Two projects addressing refugee health issues in Buffalo and a study on the effects of air pollution on pregnant women in China have been selected to receive funding through the Community for Global Health Equity.


Sandro Galea says the decline in motor vehicle fatalities can be used as a case study for reducing gun violence.


UB researcher, two Buffalo Niagara YMCAs partner to test out new exercise program that focuses on benefits of exercise.


Sandro Galea, dean of Boston University's School of Public Health, will discuss the public health issues related to gun violence in a talk titled “Can We Mitigate the Gun Violence Epidemic?”

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Nine hundred University at Buffalo students from the health professions, social work, law and management will learn how they can best work together to tackle the opioid epidemic ravaging the nation at UB’s first annual Interprofessional Forum on Nov. 7 in Kapoor Hall on the South Campus.

Surprising results point to several factors that may explain why this serious condition is on the rise.


It’s one of the only research centers in the world that allows scientists to study extreme environments, from a mile of ocean depth to nearly 23 miles into Earth’s stratosphere, and everything in between. And it’s back up and running in its home at UB.


Taking place on World Food Day, Oct. 16, session at Habitat III conference will focus on food systems planning and policy.


Appointment of Jo L. Freudenheim, who served as interim chair since 2014 and was chair from 2006 to 2013, is effective Oct. 1.


The multi-year study will analyze how emissions may have impacted the health of area residents and employees.  


UB pharmacy and physical therapy students will travel across Western New York to improve the health of local older adults through the new Interprofessional Falls Risk Reduction Program.


In a new finding, UB researchers have shown in mice that glutamate plays a vital role in controlling how muscles and nerves are wired together during development.


UB developed smartphone app for people living with HIV may help lead to faster intervention in cases where substance use — or life in general — get in the way of antiretroviral therapy adherence.


Eight-week National Institute on Drug Abuse program introduces undergraduate students to the field of substance abuse and addiction research.


Program encourages collaboration among researchers, while serving as a springboard to external funding.


Consortium of MS Centers recognizes Susan Bennett as pioneer in comprehensive care of patients with multiple sclerosis.


R. Lorraine Collins was named to committee that will develop a report summarizing adverse health effects of marijuana use, drug’s potential therapeutic uses.


Panel's recommendations are not warranted until long-term studies on representative samples of smokers show this is good for public health overall, Lynn T. Kozlowski writes in new journal paper.


Through the Global Innovation Challenge, teams of UB students developed actionable ideas to improve water, sanitation and hygiene — or WaSH — access to schoolchildren in India and Uganda.


STAC panel members review scientific and medical evidence and offer recommendations to the WTC Health Program administrator on member eligibility criteria, as well as WTC-related health conditions.


If successful with HCV, telemedicine could be a valuable approach to treating other diseases where patients face similar challenges.


It's time to modernize the decades-old tobacco control strategies that rely on an “all or nothing” approach and which are confusing the public, Lynn Kozlowski and David Abrams write.


The American Association for Cancer Research presented its 10th annual Team Science Award to the Women's Health Initiative, for which UB serves as Northeast Regional Center.


UB's Research Institute on Addictions will continue its critical research training and professional development of addiction researchers with the support of another five-year, $2 million grant for training postdoctoral associates.


UB undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students will work in teams to develop social, economic, technological and public policy solutions to sanitation challenges faced by schoolchildren around the world.


Thousands of UB students will don caps and gowns this week as families fly in from around the world to attend UB’s commencement celebrations.


"I think the new regulations will pose problems for smaller businesses that make e-cigarettes. These companies likely will not have the resources to deliver all the information the FDA is asking for," says UB tobacco expert Gary Giovino.


Some 5,846 students are candidates to receive degrees during UB's commencement ceremonies from April 29 through May 21.


Millions of people visit the websites of the Mayo Clinic, American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among others, seeking authoritative health information. But are they receiving it?


The University at Buffalo is establishing a new center to conduct research on the human microbiome, the collective microorganisms that live on and in the human body.


Post-menopausal women who use metformin long-term for the treatment of diabetes may be at lower risk for developing certain cancers and dying from these diseases.


The percentage of African-American high school seniors who smoke has changed very little over the past two decades, UB tobacco expert Gary Giovino reports in a journal supplement he co-edited.


From refugee housing plans to help spur economic development on Buffalo’s East Side, to a health summit and a symposium, UB faculty and students are actively engaged in refugee efforts.


Issam Smeir is the keynote speaker for UB's third annual Refugee Health Summit, which runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 2, at the Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Center, 555 Ellicott St., Buffalo.


UB will mark National Public Health Week with events highlighting issues that are important to improving our nation.


The six-day program, which includes lectures, workshops and more, kicks off today.


Film screenings, symposia and a health summit will address the myriad issues related to this global problem.


School of Public Health and Health Professions challenges UB community to take 16 million steps during April.


Thirteen graduate students in an interdisciplinary studio offered through the UB School of Architecture and Planning spent three weeks in India collaborating with partners there to help develop a much-needed public sanitation plan.


University of Flint-Michigan professor and UB alumna Michelle Sahli will discuss the Flint water crisis in a presentation Feb. 29 at UB.


The three-decades-old hyperbaric chamber housed in Sherman Annex on UB’s South Campus is being upgraded, and the project will be handled by a Western New York company whose three generations of UB engineering graduates know the chamber inside and out.


Partnership to emphasize interprofessional education focused on safe prescribing practices and culture change.