Promotion to Professional Sequence

Promotion to Professional Sequence is the process by which a student in the occupational therapy program receives approval to take courses in the professional component of the BS/MS program. All students must be approved to take upper division courses in occupational therapy.

Who Should Apply for Promotion to Professional Sequence?

  • UB students who wish to continue in the five-year BS/MS program and will have completed all the required prerequisite courses except ANA 407 by the end of the spring semester. This includes students who applied to the occupational therapy program as freshmen and those who changed their major to occupational therapy while at UB.
  • Transfer students who have applied to UB and indicated occupational therapy as their desired major and who have completed the prerequisite courses as above. Note: If you plan to include transfer courses on your application form, make sure that the courses have been evaluated and articulated with UB. If a given transfer course has not been articulated with UB and you plan to use such a course in your application form, you must follow the procedure on the Transfer Articulation and University Requirements at UB System (TAURUS) to obtain articulation.

When to Apply for Promotion to Professional Sequence?

Students are expected to submit their applications by Jan. 15. If Jan. 15 is a holiday or falls on a weekend, the application will be due the next business day.

The earliest time applications can be submitted is after official fall grades have been posted on MyUB or at your current institution. The occupational therapy professional program will not accept any applications prior to the posting of official fall grades, although you can begin filling out the form earlier.

In the application, provide the prerequisite course number, institution where you completed the course, credit hours and grade or indicate with an "E" if you are completing the course in the spring semester.

Official transcripts of all spring grades from prerequisite courses taken outside of UB must be mailed to: MaryAnn Venezia, Occupational Therapy Professional Program, Department of Rehabilitation Science, 501 Kimball Tower, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14214-3079 as soon as they are available.

What Happens After Application?

  • Students who submit an application to the Promotion to Professional Sequence in occupational therapy will receive a confirmation email from the program indicating that their application has been received.
  • These forms are reviewed by the OT Professional Program Admissions Committee. Promotion to the professional sequence of the program is competitive based on the strength of the application including (but not limited to ) grade point average, volunteer reference, and personal statement.
  • Students are notified of their acceptance into the professional sequence of the program by the end of July, after completion of ANA 407. 

Questions About Applying?

Review our list of frequently asked questions or contact Jaclyn Levesque at if you require assistance completing the application.