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Asha Subramaniam, MS '09

A self-described people person, Asha Subramaniam sought a career where she could interact with the public on a daily basis.

“I gravitated towards occupational therapy as it gave me the opportunity to make a small yet significant difference in a person’s life after a disability,” she said. “I could make it a little easier for people to adjust to their lives, their communities and society at large.”

In researching a graduate program to attend, Subramaniam said that UB appealed to her because the curriculum was so well-defined. “The program was both research-based and practice-oriented which I consider critical—you always need to know why you do what you do!”

She selected the school-based therapy/early intervention concentration, which provided a thorough foundation in the subject and taught assessments and treatment interventions for children with disabilities.

After graduation, Subramaniam put her skills to work in a public school, helping preschool and elementary children with disabilities.

Today, she works as an occupational therapist in an inpatient rehabilitation setting in San Francisco Bay area.

“UB was pivotal in modeling my thought and approach to people with disabilities,” she said. “Having a good clinical background is important in determining treatment techniques and knowledge of newer research keeps me updated in my current practice.”