Undergraduate Students

Aaron Anderson.

Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson is currently a freshman in the honors college pursuing a biomedical science major at the University at Buffalo. He intends to go to medical school and his main interest regarding the medical field is the brain and the neuroscience associated with it. Outside of school, Aaron has done many extracurricular activities such as, volunteering at hospitals and nursing homes, tutoring Somali refugees, and working with "Freshwater Friends," a charitable organization designated to help build wells in underdeveloped countries. In his free time, Aaron plays soccer and works at the restaurant, Rachel’s Mediterranean.

Alessia Galante.

Alessia Galante

Alessia Galante is currently a junior pursuing a degree in biological sciences, and she wishes to attend physician assistant school. She is particularly interested in orthopedics. Outside of academics, Alessia enjoys doing CrossFit with her family, as well as Olympic weightlifting, and spending time with her dog, Remy.

Jenna Greenstein

Jenna is currently a junior pursuing a Biological Science major at the University at Buffalo. She plans to attend dental school following her undergraduate studies. Specifically, Jenna hopes to become a Pediatric Orthodontist. In addition to her studies, Jenna currently works at a sleep away camp each summer where she cares for young children and adolescents. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, playing soccer, snowboarding, spending time with friends and family, and focusing on her studies. 

Rehma Malik.

Rehma Malik

Rehma Malik is currently a first year student at the University at Buffalo majoring in biomedical sciences. She wishes to pursue a career in the medical field, and is especially interested in pediatrics. Outside of academics, Rehma has done many extracurricular activities such as, volunteering at the Buffalo General Medical Center and the Amherst Senior Center, as well as tutoring Syrian refugees. In her free time, she likes to bake, travel, watch TV shows, and spend time with family and friends.