Research Highlights

Our faculty researchers are investigating critical health issues, including maternal and child health, substance use and abuse, aging, assistive technology and the epidemiology of chronic diseases such as cancer.


Using bivariate analysis of Galc and PSY, we will develop a new paradigm aimed at early and accurate prediction of EIKD.
This project focuses on the preparation and writing of a book that will reflect a growing need for rigorous systematic presentations of classical and novel empirical likelihood (EL) approaches and their applications in biomedicine and health.

Community Health and Health Behavior


A growing research literature has indicated that impulse control is an important factor in the development, maintenance and treatment of addictive disorders.

Sleep disturbances are cardinal features of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. This randomized cross-over trial will examine two treatment options for sleep apnea among veterans.

Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Our current clinical trial focuses on the effects of aspirin in gestation and reproduction.
Ongoing studies are looking at the major causes of morbidity and mortality in postmenopausal women--work that has led to major shifts in the way clinical care is approached for this group.

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences


The overarching goal of this this study is to address the MedEvac foundation priority of educational techniques and technologies, and improve HEMS safety.

This study aims to determine the efficacy of face cooling to maintain blood pressure during simulated hemorrhage induced by lower body negative pressure.

Rehabilitation Science

Dedicated to the promotion of health and independent living among older adults and their caregivers through research.
The Rehabilitation Physiology Lab at the University at Buffalo conducts research on a wide range of individuals, from elderly adults to those with different physical disabilities.