ESPAS Routing Instructions

  1. Point your web browser to the ESPAS System
  2. Enter your UBITname and password
  3. Click "Electronic Sponsored Projects Approval Form"
  4. Click "Create a new approval form"
  5. Click "Continue." This will take you to the "home" page.
  6. Click on "Principal Investigator Information" module. Complete the information and then click "Save and Continue" at the bottom right side of the page. This will take you to the next module, "Project Information."
  7. Complete the information for each module and then click "Save and Continue" at the bottom right side of the page to go to the next module.
  8. When you complete the last module, click "Finish." This will save the information in the final module and return you to the "home" page.
  9. If you have entered all required information correctly, all of the lights in the status column will be green. If information is missing from any module, the light corresponding to that module will be yellow. (A red light means that the module has not been saved. A module's status light will turn yellow even if no information has been entered, but if any of the "Save" buttons in the module have been clicked.)
  10. Once all status lights are green, click on the submit button. This will send the approval form simultaneously to all of the co-investigators listed on the routing form.