Online Training Course

This course is designed for faculty members who are new to online teaching.

It is structured as a six-week hybrid course, incorporating both online and face-to-face components. The class meets once a week for about an hour for presentations, guest speakers or general discussion. The rest of the work (approximately three hours a week) is completed within UBlearns. The course covers design principle for both completely online and hybrid courses. 

Comments from previous participants

“This was a great course. I thought the key strengths were: a) the course itself modeled a structure for doing a blended/online course; b) the act of planning and creating an online module forced thinking about both the conceptual and practical issues in the course; and c) the group involved was great value added for discussions, asking questions, sharing ideas, etc.”

“Overall the workshop was very useful for me. Before we started I had very little knowledge of the available technology to help present material in an online format. Now I have a better idea what is out there and, more importantly how it can be used. The next most useful part of the workshop was the hands-on work--being first able to look at examples how to set up learning activities, then actually generating some ourselves, then getting some feedback. I will be able to use this experience when I set up my own course."