Resources by Instructional Pedagogy

Flipped and hybrid courses can offer additional challenges over traditional seated courses. These resources provide best practices and recommended techniques to help you teach according to your needs.

Group work can be a powerful learning opportunity, but as we all know it's not without a unique set of challenges. The following handouts and video demonstrate how you can set up a framework to help students avoid some of the common problems associated with group work. 
This video covers four main topics related to web conferencing at SPHHP:

On-demand Discovery Learning Professional Development

The SUNY Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) is an on-demand discovery learning professional development model. The goal of TOEP is to encourage faculty and staff across SUNY to explore and reflect upon the use of emerging technology tools to expand tech-infused pedagogy. 

Technology's continual evolution has changed the way we collaborate and communicate. We must all learn to adapt to this rapidly changing landscape. The TOEP self-directed professional development opportunity gives faculty and staff a platform to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and provides knowledge to integrate these tools into their curricula to engage students and improve learning. Self-directed activities encourage faculty and staff to be lifelong learners, as they become familiar with blogging, wikis, podcasting, online collaboration, and the latest web-based instructional technology tools. After acquiring deeper knowledge about how to use these tools, instructors will become more adept at embedding 21st century skills into teaching and meet the expectations of today's students. Those in the instructional community will then be able to use emerging technology tools to diversify assessment of student learning, going beyond traditional strategies.