SMART Podium

Gaspar Farkas, PhD utilizes the SMART podium to annotate a pulpillary light reflex diagram for his online course.

Create engaging presentations with the SMART podium interactive pen display. Open presentations, documents, applications, websites and multimedia files, write notes over them in digital ink and save your work for distribution or later reference.

File Format Output

Your final SMART podium recording is saved as an AVI file. AVI files are large, high quality digital audio/video files that will be edited and compressed into an MP4 file by our office staff. The final video is uploaded to YouTube for easy access and integration into your UBlearns course. Turnaround time for processing is 1 to 2 weeks. 

Annotated Slides

Once your recording is complete, you also have the opportunity to save your PowerPoint with annotations, creating marked up hard copy or digital handouts for your students.