Skype for Business

UB faculty, staff and students initiate and conduct virtual conferences, classes or meetings using the communication tool Skype for Business in conjunction with audio and video hardware.

An example of the Skype for Business instant messaging feature.

Features Overview

The following video provides a general overview of the various features of Skype for Business. Below that you will find more information on how you can use Skype for Business in a variety of settings. 

Skype for Business in the Classroom

Skype for Business is a tool which allows you to bring outside guest speakers into your classroom.

Do you have a collegue who is an expert in a particular area? We can arrange to have them give a presentation to your students without them leaving their desk. Are your students reading an article written by a colleague? Why not have them ask their questions directly to the author. It is a great way to help them connect with the research.

You can also use this tool to record short lecture videos. Recorded lectures can be used by students as study aids when preparing for exams. Other faculty members have found success in assigning students to view the lectures prior to class, and then using in-person class time for more interactive activities (case study review, group discussions, etc.).  

Contact Jeremiah Grabowski, to setup a guest speaker in your class. 

Conference with Colleagues

Like many other webinar tools, Skype for Business allows you to hold virtual meetings with your colleagues no matter where they are located. A single meeting can have up to 250 participants and can be recorded for later viewing. Attendees can meet via phone, computer, or mobile device. Additionally, any attendee can share their screen with the group which allows for real-time collaboration. 

Conference within UB

The Skype for Business desktop client allows you to chat, call, or have a video conference with anyone at UB. This is particularly helpful if you need to meet with someone on a different campus. Why fight traffic and parking when you can have a video conference from your desk?

The video below demonstrates how to share your screen with your colleagues.