Applied Statistics for Public Health

Gregory G. Homish, PhD, uses a combination of UBlearns, Microsoft Word and various data analysis packages to deliver a hybrid learning experience for his students.

Applied Statistics for Public Health (CHB 505) provides students with an introduction to the application of statistics to public health research questions. During the semester, students use statistical packages to answer statistical questions.

Q&A with Greg Homish

Gregory G. Homish, PhD, shares details about the hybrid class experience from teaching and learning perspectives.

How is the course structured?

“The course is a hybrid course. We still meet in person one hour a week. The two-hour lab component is the portion we moved online. The students use Excel and Stata to complete a two-hour lab and then a homework assignment. It consists of a combination of YouTube and Jing 'how-to' videos along with five to ten questions which are embedded into the learning module.”

Why did you move part of the course online?

“The course is already computer-based, and all the students learn at a different rate so it made sense to put it online and to encourage the students to use the discussion board to answer each other’s questions.”

What kind of feedback have you received from the students?

“The feedback has been positive. They like the hybrid approach. We meet in-person once a week for 50 minutes, and then I also have office hours (two hours).”

Why do you like this approach?

“I like that I know who they are. I still meet with them once a week during lecture. Also, the embedded questions make them stop and think when they’re completing the labs.”

Learning Technologies Applied in CHB 505