2016 Poster Presentations

Posters were presented at the 2016 J. Warren Perry Poster Day held on April 22.

2016 Winning Posters

Each year a winning poster is selected by a faculty committee from each department. The 2016 winners are indicated in bold in the tables below.


A multivariate logistic regression analysis for spousal concordance in health behavior change Z. Zhou and J. Zhao
A novel exact method for top-K family-wise error control for small sample non-small scale inference   Z. Chen, D. Koestler, X. Ren, D. Gaile
Cluster analysis of large data sets with mixed-type variables in R and Hadoop A. Foss and M. Markatou
Distance estimation in the presence of quasi-latent structure, with application to methylation array data S. Kaus, D. Koestler, X. Ren, W. He, D. Gaile
Evaluation of non-parametric distance based testing methods for the analysis of multivariate data with partial responses   J. Zhang, R. Hageman Blair, D. Gaile
Expected P-values in the light of an ROC curve analysis applied to optimal multiple testing procedures Y. Zhao
High dimensional variable selection in a prostate cancer study   C. Chen and J. Zhao
K levels leave one out filtering:  A novel feature selection technique with application to methylation array data W. He, D. Koestler, X. Ren,
Penalized pairwise pseudo likelihoods forvariable selection with missing data Y. Yang and J. Zhao
Weighted fast greedy algorithm for clustering large attributed networks H. Yu and R. Hageman Blair

Community Health and Health Behavior

Title Presenters
A review of the populations at risk to turn from prescription opioid abuse to heroin abuse   A. Holland
Childhood maltreatment experiences among US army reserve/national guard soldiers and their partners R. Daws, D. L. Homish, S. Cercone Heavey, G. G. Homish
Combat exposure’s influence on intimate partner violence among reserve soldiers   S. Cercone Heavey, G. G. Homish, D. L. Homish
Decision-making constructs mediate the relation between socioeconomic status and colorectal cancer screening uptake L. Klasko, D. Erwin, L. Jandorf, M. Kiviniemi
Evaluation proposal of UB-students avoiding further exposure to risk (UB-SAFER) intervention   M. Feenstra-Swensen
Examining social media use among parents of children with cancer S. LaValley, E. Gage-Bouchard, M. Mollica, L. Beaupin
Illness information avoidance is associated with lower need for cognition and intuitive risk beliefs C. Biddle, H. Orom, E. Waters, M. Kiviniemi, E. Ellis, J. Hay
Many college students are introduced to nicotine products through the use of hookah   J. Kulak, M. Saddleson, M. Travers, M. Mahoney, G. Giovino
Multiple reference point informed probability (MRPIP) theory: The modern comorbid disease recovery initiation P. Washburn
Psychosocial considerations of informal caregivers of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients: A systematic review   C. Nichols
Qualitative evaluation of the Western New York center for survivors of torture:  A pilot study A. C. Lynch-Jiles, B. Vest, K. Griswold, K. Kolesnikova, S. Elhag, P. Kefi
The effect of spirometry testing on asthma disease classification in a pediatric primary care office L. Holmes, S. Lampkin, L. Mamily, K. Kalwani, E. Bowser, H. Lehman  
Treatment decision making in men with prostate cancer M. Bowdwin

Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Title Presenters
A China-USA comparative study of peer influence on childhood obesity and eating behavior:  Social network analysis and agent based modeling (ABM) H. Xue, J. Zhang, Y. Wang
Assessment of the relationship between periodontal disease, systolic blood pressure, and hypertension in a cross-sectional study of postmenopausal women J. Gordon, M. LaMonte, R. Genco, J. Zhao, K. Hovey, J. Wactawski-Wende
Changes in physical activity patterns and dietary intake in Chinese youth and their associations with obesity:  A longitudinal study in Nanjing City, China H. Chang, F. Xu, H. Xue, Y. Wang
Continued feeding and nutritional outcomes in the Kenya GEMS site:  Secondary data analysis of the global enteric multisite study (GEMS) of diarrheal disease in infants and young children in developing countries K. Sease, K. Kamm, W. Wichaidit, C. O’Reilly, R. Omore, K. Kotloff, T. Farag, M. Levine, K. Laserson R. Breiman, E. Mintz, A. Millen, P. Ram  
Effect of combined-hardware-behavior-change intervention on handwashing behaviors in primary school children:  The Povu Poa handwashing stations school pilot study   W. Wichaidit, J. Whinnery, J. Akinyi Okal, M. Kremer, C. Null, A. Pickering, P. Ram  
Gene-hormone therapy interaction and fracture risk in postmenopausal women   Y. Wang, J. Wactawski-Wende, L. Sucheston-Campbell, L. Preus, K. Hovey, J. Nie, R. Jackson, S. Handelman, R. Nassir, C. Crandall, H. Ochs-Balcom
Latrine use:  Prevalence, motivators and interventions   Z. Plata, N. Pasi, P. Ram
PlanetFit kids:  Promoting lifestyle and nutrition education teaching families (through) interactive technology   K. Hollis-Hansen
Planning and design for health and equity Maradu, Kerala, India Y. Yoruk, S. Mathew, S. Paul
Sanitation for people with disabilities: A framework for research and practice G. Desai, K. Smith, P. Ram, J. Jensen, J. Lenker, J. Wilbur
Sleep duration, quality, and breast cancer aggressiveness A. Soucise, C. Vaughn, C. Thompson, A. Millen, J. Freudenheim, J. Wactawski-Wende, A. Phipps, L. Hale, L. Qi, H. Ochs-Balcom
Trends in obesity and non-communicable chronic diseases in China and projected future situation for 2030 J. Zhu, Y. Zhang, H. Xue, L. Wang, Y. Wang, Y. Wang

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Title Presenters
Acute caffeine influences the reinforcing value of soda  A. M. Ziegler, A. Graczyk, N. Andrle, B. Ewing, S. Hussain, J. L. Temple
Caffeine and exercise affect sleep duration, quality and perceived tiredness E. O’Brien, E. O’Brien, L. Panek-Shirley, J. L. Temple
Caffeine and short-term exercise, independently and combined, does not alter eating behavior L. Panek-Shirley, E. E. O’Brien, E. A. O’Brien, J. L. Temple
Developmental and gender differences in risk taking in response to caffeine      A. Graczyk, A. Ziegler, A. Atkins, H. Carrasco, J. Temple
Relationship between lower limb strength, flexibility, and limb alignment to the free moment magnitude in runners J. Delgado, B. Collelo, S. White
Robust and sustained elevations in blood pressure elicited by the dive reflex in humans:  Implications for pre-hospital care of hypotensive injury   G. Coleman, B. Johnson, S. Sarker, J. Sackett, Z. Schlader
The number of nitrogen breathing epochs influences the heart rate and blood pressure response to hypoxia   J. Sackett, S. Sarker, G. Coleman, C. Chapman, Z. Schlader, B. Johnson
The relationship of dietary restraint and relative reinforcing value of food among adolescents   A. Crandall, E. Van der Kloet, A. Atkins, A. Ziegler, J. L. Temple  

Rehabilitation Sciences

Title Presenters
A mixed methods examination of mobility limitations within home and neighborhood environments of African-American older adults L. Lien, A. Smalley, L. Bakk, T. Cadet
Classification of fallers vs. non-fallers using footbed sensor in older adults with fall risk factors L. Ahrens, E. Clark, K. Grzebinski, C. Haering
Communication and interpersonal skills assessment during interprofessional simulation experience   E. Low, S. King, A. Parker, E. Tzelios, M. Matteliano
Development of interprofessional collaborative practice core competencies using simulation-based education as an instructional strategy S. King, E. Low, A. Parker, E. Tzelios, M. Matteliano, P. Ohtake
Effectiveness of the Buffalo functional exercise program in older adults to decrease falls K. Madigan, N. Robinson, A. Sajdak, S. Shepherd, M. Tomita
Exploring the effectiveness of the Livescribe Smartpen as a note taking aid for post-secondary students with disabilities S. Bhattachrjya and J. Lenker
Interprofessional simulation experiences enhance student perceptions of collaborative practice A. Parker, S. King, E. Low, E. Tzelios, M. Matteliano, P. Ohtake
Modified constraint induced movement therapy:  An internet based approach for individuals with chronic hemiparesis  M. Matteliano, W. K. Chin, A. Johnson, E. Low, B. Modica, A. Parker, K. Sheer
Nutritional intake related to self-reported measures of fatigue, ambulation status, physical activity and quality of life in multiple sclerosis L. Bromley and A. Ray
Reasons associated with volunteer transport services:  Perspectives of new service recipients and volunteer drivers O. Emigh, C. Fee, D. Poon, R. Lackey, M. Tomita, S. Bhattacharjya
Simulation experience allows low stakesb evaluation of clinical skills education for occupational and physical therapist students   E. Tzelios, S. King, E. Low, A. Parker, M. Matteliano, P. Ohtake
The effect of a continuing education program on rehabilitation professionals’ knowledge of oral health care for individuals with developmental disabilities:  A repeated measures design K. Donovan, J. Harkins, M. Hayden